June 14, 2019

Short story:

Today, I pointed out to my tax vendor that the #1 rated professional program we use is miscalculating a critical fiduciary tax deduction under IRC Sec. 164. The result is massive and needless overpayment of tax. It was our first brush with this error.

Short story, (made longer): While acknowledging its error, I was told that there was no override provided.

(Shorter story, made longer still)

When I asked incredulously as to why the vendor had not picked up on such a grievous error, I was told that no practitioner had ever raised this issue before. After comments by me as to why (oh why) software vendors allow computer programmers to practice tax law without a license, I can’t get my head around the presumed millions of tax dollars overpaid by this bad programming, compounded by untold numbers of practitioners now on a boat or golf course not focusing on this issue.

In closing, if you filed a 2018 Fiduciary Income tax Return this year, we can provide a secure portal and a no-obligation evaluation of the issue. (So message me). In life lesson, please be very careful as to what and to whom you trust with your professional obligations. I can’t say that enough.


Tony De Angelo, E.A., J.D.

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