As licensed professionals in the tax, financial services, and trust industries for many years, we have seen and heard just about every approach from firms and institutions relative to the intention of providing “private client services” to well-meaning people. To some, it may mean an offer from one to act as a corporate fiduciary only to later put people at risk of diminished net worth, as bureaucracy and inattention destroy their financial interests. For others, it may be a tax firm offering funds and securities for sale, thereby placing their interests directly ahead of their clients. Moreover, in the past several years, a number of “offer-mill” tax firms have sprung up luring clients with lofty promises of tax relief and freedom from past liabilities, typically asking for large up-front fees and failing to disclose the truth about the tax collection process, most often after deserting clients in their time of need.

In recent years, we have witnessed the plethora of computer-based “do it yourself” options for tax, business, and document production purposes. While helpful to some, these “cheap” options may become very expensive, as they are often prone to cause difficulty, confusion, delay, and flat-out troubles to many of the unsuspecting.

To the above, the list (and the abuses) continue to grow. We decided that there had to be an alternative. With our convenient and friendly location in downtown New Haven, CT, we are a full-service tax, financial services, trust management and services company dedicated to your needs.

Our services are now available via Zoom Meetings, Telephone Conferencing and secure data portals. In home meetings can be arranged while implementing CDC guidelines for health safety.

Through it all, our goal is tri-fold: satisfied clients and enduring relationships, and an unmatched level of professional expertise and services. Nothing less is acceptable to us, and nothing else should ever be acceptable to you as well. Serving the state of Connecticut and points beyond, we would be pleased to meet you.


From our start in a spare room in a townhouse more than 25 years ago, and up through the present day, our vision and mission have not changed. Simply stated, we have always endeavored to be an invaluable resource to our clients by providing superior professional services at below-market rates. Allow us to share our experience with you.