Offered through the Paragon Trust Company, TOTAL TRUST CARE (R) is the process of caring for all facets of an elder individual by providing all resources necessary for legal, financial, health and family support. For this endeavor, we utilize our own resource base along with that of our trusted partners and co-participants.

The extant state of elder care is that the family nucleus, and all that elders and parents have worked for is often torn asunder at the occurrence of a long-term care event, a health accident or emergency, a child moving out of the area, or the loss of a caregiver. No family should have to suffer through great hardship, premature and costly sales of property, and stresses on family. The concept of “TOTAL TRUST CARE”  preserves the family nucleus, savings, and integrity of the elder and his or her family by providing a high degree of care and support at the lowest financial and emotional cost to the family as is possible.

Not only are the stresses minimized across the board and great expense is saved, all persons benefit.

For those interested in Total Trust Care (R), a free personal consultation is provided either via phone or in our offices. Shall the client decide to move forward, a comprehensive, cost-efficient and friendly plan of attack is developed for action, and without obligation. Packages are customized to suit client/patient needs.


Fiduciary Elder Care Services

Fiduciary Elder Care Services proactively works to address and resolve financial abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly.  FECS acts by promoting research, education, awareness, multidisciplinary collaboration, advocacy, and public policy. FECS works towards eradicating sinister behavior inflicted upon the elderly and disadvantaged.

For more information on Fiduciary Elder Care Services, please contact Kathleen De Angelo RN,  MSN/MBA HC.